How Buying from Pets at Home Can Help Support Animals in Need

There are a variety of pet stores in the UK but Pets at Home is my favourite, as every time I purchase something, I know I am also helping animals in need.

This is possible thanks to the free VIP Club membership that is offered to you when making a purchase at any Pets at Home store.

What Can I Do to Help Animals in Need?

When a VIP member shops at a Pets at Home store, or visits Companion Care, Vets4Pets or the Groom Room, they earn Lifelines.

Lifelines are converted into donations for an animal or re-homing centre, chosen by Pets at Home members or by the vet at Companion Care and Vets4Pets.

Charities can use these donations in store to purchase pets food, bedding, toys or any other product, as well as using the vet service at the member’s practice.

How Do I Join?

The VIP Club can be joined in store or online.

If you choose to do it in store, a staff member will simply hand you over a form to fill in and they will also give you a temporary card, so that you can start collecting points straight away.

A permanent card will then be sent to you via post, however if you happen to forget your card at home when going into a store, they can still retrieve your information by entering your mobile number in their system. This way you can have extra peace of mind, knowing that you will never lose points, even if you are a forgetful person like me 😉

To join online, you need to head to the Pets at Home VIP site where you will be presented with the following page:

You will have to scroll down and fill in some information. The process is really quick and once you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email.

A starter pack will then be sent to your home address and will include your VIP card.

Will I Be Able to Use the VIP Card Both Online and In Store?

Yes, the card can be used both online at Pets at Home and in any of the stores, where you can take your pooch for a nice treat 😉

It can also be used with any of the following Pets at Home services:

  • The Groom Room – There are over 290 groom stores, with grooming options such as microchipping, nail clipping and bathing. Salons are open seven days a week!
  • Companion Care Vets – These practices offer dental care, neutering, nail clipping and advice on a range of topics. Many practices also offer pet workshops on various pet care subjects.
  • Vets4Pets – They care for all kinds of animals including dogs, cats, reptiles and small furries, from general animal health treatments to emergency medical procedures.

Are There any Benefits for Me and My Pooch?

Clicking here will allow you to know more about the benefits provided.

  • A 10% discount sent to your email address when joining online, followed by a 10% in-store discount voucher which will come with your welcome pack, within 28 days of your first shop online or in store.
  • The handy “Happy Days” app, which allows you to store your vouchers and VIP card on your phone.
  • Another useful app called “Find my VIP“, which allows you to send a “lost alert” to all VIP club members, should your pet go missing. You can read more about this here.
  • A VIP Birthday Bonus when it’s your fluffy baby’s birthday 🙂
  • VIP Exclusive Offers on things that your pet loves most
  • Just for Puppy – friendly expertise and advice throughout puppyhood for your VIP
  • The Groom Room – VIPs get upgrades, rewards and lifelines with every visit
  • A £10 heath check at either Companion Care or Vets4Pets
  • A quarterly VIP magazine with tips and advice, available to pick up in-store
  • Handy Hints and Top Tips relevant to your pet
  • Take your dog on holiday for free, by booking a cottage on this website. You will be able to find a vast selection of pet friendly holidays. If you book in advance, you will also get a special pet parcel!
  • Raise Lifelines for an animal charity of your choice

What Can I Do to Spread Awareness on this Fantastic Initiative?

You can simply share this article on your social media profile and show your friends the video below, which explains Lifelines in a nut shell:

In the meantime, if you have more questions about the VIP Club membership, you can contact Pets at Home’s customer care.

Feel free to also leave comments below or email with any queries and I shall try to help as much as I can 🙂



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Author: Cristina

10 thoughts on “How Buying from Pets at Home Can Help Support Animals in Need

  1. This is a very good concept for stores to support charity within their own niche. There aren’t a lot of retailers, at least at my place who would do that. Hence, I find that shelters are pretty much struggling to keep up with the cost of maintenance and as a result, many innocent lives have to be put down. After reading this, I wonder if it’s possible to set up some kind of crowd funding online to help raise shelter funds within the community. 

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The UK is really an animal loving country. I am originally from Italy and I can see the difference in how pets are seen over here in the UK by the majority of people.

      Crowdfunding is always a good idea when it comes to doing it for a good cause, so if there is a shelter you want to help, I would suggest talking to them and go for it if they agree 🙂

      You were talking about retailers in the place where you live. May I ask where you are from? 🙂


  2. Initiatives like these are stellar in my opinion. 

    Pets At Home creates an opportunity for pet lovers to support animals besides their own.  I have rescued and cared for many animals in my lifetime.  I am not in a position to do as much as used to so, programs like this help me lend support to a cause I love and, you get the added perks of discounts and deals for your own pets as well!  

    Do you know of any programs like Pets At Home in the United States? 

    1. Hi Fyre,

      I know, this is such a great initiative and you get to help just with your “everyday” pet supplies shopping.

      I just did a little Google search for you and found this in the US: PetsSmart

      The above link will take you directly to their Rewards page 🙂

      Let me know if you end up joining the programme!


  3. How heartwarming to read about such a well organized system. I was just viewing local shelters yesterday and felt sad at the volume of unwanted pets. There are many private shelters that depend on donations too, but I am not aware of any managed efforts.

    It is wonderful to see internet marketing methods similar to the grocery store rewards style, to effect charitable efforts. We can always do more to care for our furry friends.

    1. It is really a fantastic initiative and I thought it was worth putting an article together to explain how everything works 🙂

      Are there any pet stores doing the same initiative where you live?


  4. Quite elaborate and fantastic idea.

    Are these offers and benefits for only VIP members?

    Is there a monthly or annual subscription to renew your membership of VIP?

    It’s indeed a laudable idea, as it enables one to care for dogs both in your care and those who are not but also crave adequate care.Dogs are most loyal friends anyone could have therefore we should care for them the way we care for ourselves. 

    1. Hey Kabirat,

      Yes, you have to be a VIP member, however membership is free and it is offered to anyone at any time. You just need to pop into a Pets at Home store or go on their website 🙂

      Are you based in the UK? If not, is there a Pet store with such initiative where you live?


  5. Hi Cristina,

    I go to pets at home at least once a week and how have I never noticed this we have a rabbit and there pet supplies are so much better then anywhere else around me, the staff are always friendly and I was really interested in adapting a rescue rabbit from them and a member of staff said are job is to put people off getting a pet, which if you think about it is the opposite that every shop out there is doing, so you can not doubt there Morales.

  6. What a great concept to helps other animals is need when you purchase for your own pet. Its nice that they offer discounts on some of the things you can buy for your pets and still able to help others.

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